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Yeah I’m Tall and Skinny. So What?

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I have always been thin, I have had the same size wrists since I was 10 which is not ideal for a twenty something male. I was painfully aware of how thin I was throughout school and often got called anorexic. Bullied isn’t the word but comments were made and they stuck with me for a while. I’ve had major hang-ups about my body image but I’ve made it through the fire and hey this is me. Take it or leave it, either way, I’m grand.

I really dislike how people say ‘wow you’re thin,’ if I was 28 stone would you say ‘wow you’re fat?’ No, no you wouldn’t so why is it any different for thin people? Get some manners. I also hate the word lanky, I think it’s so derogatory and offensive, and if anyone else tries to chat me up with the opening line ‘how tall are you’ or ‘wow you’re so tall’ I think I’m going go mad. I’ve heard it all before. #Tallpeopleproblems also hugging small people is incredibly awkward and whoever designed door frames needs to lose their job. Finally why is everyone else so small when you’re in a club, so much so that your lost friends use you as a honing beacon? Grow people, grow!

This post carries on (sort of) from some of the things I’ve said in previous posts – Be Beautiful Be Yourself and Into the Shadows. Essentially I take issue with how thin, tall fella’s are written off and dismissed. I’ve coined this The Shaggy Syndrome. Shaggy (Scooby Doo) was your classic non alpha male, I don’t even know what cohort he’s fits into (beta bitch, dim delta) but it doesn’t matter because the only thing that does matter is if you’re an alpha.I think most tall men have to break through this stereotype that we’re some sort of substandard race of fuckwits.

The amount of times I’ve made a small mistake or messed up and someone (who doesn’t know me well enough) has commented ‘it’s okay the blood takes a while to flow to his brain.’ Excuse me? Do you want to take that chip off your shoulder, you little short ass, and discard it into the nearest bin? What’s that? You can’t hear me because you’re too short? Sad that. Don’t get me wrong I can be dim and slow but let’s have some respect and not treat me like I’m a dumb animal. Rant over. Back to Shaggy. Something so small as a children’s television programme can have quite powerful ramifications and help construct ideals and perceptions. Especially if multiple TV shows are promoting tall males in this way, it can construct perceptions that can be very difficult to alter and perceptions that I come across often.


Another thing that I was aware of growing up was my legs and the particular lack of hair on them. This was problematic during PE where shorts were a must. I’d stand next to my friends who were a lot hairier than me and I’d be looking like a walking Babylis advert. It seems I was late to scene and I’ve finally grown some hair on my legs, but it has still haunted me until quite recently. During summer time I used to compare and pit the hairiness of my legs to other fella’s and scoring myself in comparison. I don’t do this anymore but every now and again I notice if someone’s particularly hairy. We all have weird habits – right?

I also wear skinny jeans, and I mean skinny, they are so tight that if I sneezed they’d rip. This is like my protest ‘yeah I have skinny legs, so I’m going to wear skinny jeans, if you don’t like it you can kiss my skinny ass!’ I was stood in in a queue in a shop once and behind me a little kid said to her mum ‘Muuum why is that man’s legs thinner than yours?’ The child quite clearly had struck a nerve and the wide legged mum briskly told her to shut up and stop being annoying. Harsh. She was going to get the shit kicked out of her later when they got home. Respect to the kid though I like people who ask the awkward questions, I always manage (sometimes inadvertently) to ask awkward questions.

What I’m trying to say is that just because your body doesn’t fit the norm doesn’t make it a write off. Keep your chin up, dress to your shape and love how you look. Find something that you like about your body and exaggerate it and never care what people say about you. Because why value their opinion more than yours?

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MUA – Cassandra Hendriks

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After completing a 2.1 in law and deciding a normal life was not for him, Michael worked in a soulless office for 9 months to raise funds to move to London. Once there he began to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a model. So far it seems to have paid off and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

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