Skew Magazine Runway Show

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I recently walked for a runway show exhibit organised by Skew Magazine to celebrate their launch and it was bloody brilliant. There were six designers and I got picked to walk for five of them. Happy days! The clothes were really edgy and weird (right up my street), the hair was done by Toni & Guy with Label M products and the makeup was done by Inspo. The look was sharp and pretty gothic. With pale skin that shimmered on the cheekbones and hair that was flat to scalp but flared out at the ends, the models looked like badass vampires and walking to a soundtrack of heavy techno we moved like them too.

Sukie Buzzacott


The clothes for this designer harped back to the days of the explorer-scientist. Layering was key here and with the wide, short pant legs and the look being finished with optician’s glasses and various tools of measurement – it showed a fun and playful side to menswear.



The clothes by Zara were unisex and well fitted. With sharp tailoring at odd angles and draping fabrics the designer paid slight homage to the East and the look was reminiscent to Shaolin monks. With various shades of grey for each garment – it didn’t take away from the look, it added. This combined with the odd angles and the layering created a very eye-catching and solid collection.


Carlo Volpi


Carlo was inspired by ‘pop imagery and urban cultural landscapes’ and from this has created thick, chunky knitwear and played around with the design by using different colours, fabrics and complicated stitching. The look was finished off with balaclavas with two pompoms attached, creating a menacing teddy bear.


Patrick Church

Patrick made his collection stand out by painting sinister faces and people onto his clothing that was reminiscent to the ‘The Scream of Nature’ (The Scream). A startling and remarkable collection.


Charlotte Marie McDonald


Charlotte’s achieved a deconstructed look with heavy coats and harem pants that swayed as the models walked. The fabrics that were used complemented each other with the shiny acrylic pants and the heavy and militaristic feel of the coats and helped create an enlarged silhouette.



J C Reids

Reids began designing clothes because he wasn’t happy with what was out there, nothing suited his style and he couldn’t find what he wanted to buy. And his clothes exemplify this – you wouldn’t find them on the high street. They were masculine, tough and modern and yet pushed the boundaries on menswear by elongating the stereotypical traditional shapes and playing with different prints, patterns and colours.

Runway Show


The event took place in Leeds (never been before but I love this city) in the basement of a club. This combined with 19 degree heat and the army of hairdryers equated to everyone covered in a slick sheen of sweat. Grim. Grimmer yet, I had to wear a massive jumper and balaclava. Grim grim.

While there I went for lunch in a vegan/vegetarian café called Fruits and Roots and paid £1.50 for a slice of cake. I have never seen this price in London for anything. Never. I thought about buying a few slices to get my monies worth in case it was a trick and it was a small slice – it wasn’t. Can definately recommend.

I was exhausted after the event and needed to get to the hostel (the train times didn’t work out and I had to stay overnight). Check in closed at 9 – it was 10. Shit. I had visions of me wandering around Leeds for 12 hours. I’d wanted to go to the after party but with my train looming in the morning I thought otherwise. I saw a cab and quickly asked someone was it safe to get in (this cab business confuses me – apparently black ones are the safest but to me they look the dodgiest). After a quick discussion I darted into the cab and was whisked off into the night.

For £15 the hostel wasn’t bad. The rooms had bunk beds – I felt like was ten and back in my childhood room – except this room had a demon in the bottom bunk who would randomly scream and seem to have seizures throughout the night. Cursing I swapped bunks and in the morning I fully expected to see a mass of frothy foam around this guys mouth, but apparently he was just a fitful sleeper. Bastard.

Photography – Selma Kesedžić and Annie Raistrick

After completing a 2.1 in law and deciding a normal life was not for him, Michael worked in a soulless office for 9 months to raise funds to move to London. Once there he began to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a model. So far it seems to have paid off and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

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