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The Rishi Veda Effect

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It’s been a while since I last posted and in that time things have been pretty intense. Sometime last year I came across an account on Instagram called Rishi Veda – a treatment salon – and was bowled over by the products and the advice given in the captions. It’s a really lovely Instagram – check it out. So a few weeks ago, stressed, tired and needing a treat, I booked a holistic massage and facial.

Walking there I couldn’t wait to get started, it’s really close to Green Park, right in the middle of  Mayfair, around the streets named ‘White Horse’ and ‘Half Moon.’ I was thinking about the occult and esoteric meanings, turns out once night falls the area turns into a high end red light district, who would have thought?

Once there I met with Madhavi who is just lovely and knows her stuff through and through. We had a quick chat about my skin – which if you’ve read my previous posts you know it’s bloody temperamental especially after piling copious amounts of makeup onto it and shooting under lights all day. I told her what I wanted from my skincare routine and my favourite scents and she would create some men’s skincare products based on my needs – but more of that later.

skincare, men's skincare, male model

The Massage

Madhavi quickly set to work (afterwards I emailed to ask what she did exactly and what was used – it was that good). First off we started with a balm cleanser chock full of jojoba and plum kernel oil – incredibly hydrating – and then used a hot towel, focusing on the pressure points, to wipe away the cleanser and prepare for a clay mask. I love my face being touched, I find it so relaxing – towards the end I actually started falling asleep.

Madhavi’s signature yellow clay face mask was massaged into my face, neck and décolleté (I felt sophisticated writing that) under a warm lemongrass steam. Some of the ingredients were salicylic acid, lactic acid and vitamin c – all this helps remove the outer layer of skin, so it was like a mild chemical peel.

The next bit was the extractions – not going to lie I was feeling a bit shy about someone squeezing my pores. I kept my eyes firmly shut and thought of England. I won’t disgust you with any more details. Moving swiftly on, a silky oil of sandalwood, cypress, pink grapefruit and baobab was massaged into my face, neck and décolleté (there it is again). Then a combination of deep tissue, Swedish and lymphatic drainage helped deliver the oil into the skin. (I think this is the part where I passed out because it was that good).

After that two masks were put on my face:

  1. A black clay and charcoal mask with cypress essential oil – applied on the T-zone to scoop out blackheads, brighten and smooth the skin.
  2. A mask made from a base of flower waters, oat active, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid – to intensely hydrate and firm the skin.

Whilst these were working my shoulders and scalp were given a good massage. The treatment was then wrapped up with a spritz of flower mist, serum and a rose and peppermint lip butter. I regained consciousness and peeled myself off the table having fell into a deep sleep.

We had a debrief and a chat about my skin and I floated out the door, reluctant to leave. I would be back in a few days to pick up the skincare set that Madhavi was going to tailor to my skin. My skin was glowing and after the deep tissue, Swedish and lymphatic drainage my face seemed more shaped and defined – as ridiculous as that sounds I swear things looked ‘tighter’ and improved.

I went back to pick up my stuff and got a rundown of what had been made and how to use it (I asked for piles of advice and recommendations). I had a cleanser, a mask and an oil – I couldn’t wait.

skincare, men's skincare, male model

The Products (men’s skincare)

That night I used the cleanser made with jojoba, peach kernel and macadamia oil.  It’s scented with therapeutic essential oils of bergamot, rose, geranium and patchouli. I left it on for about 5-10 minutes to give the skin a bit of soak and then washed it off – this bit was lovely because applying it its and think oily cream and when you rinse off it turns to a milk.

Next I steamed my face for about 15 minutes then applied the mask for deep cleansing. This mask is amazing – I am so impressed by it – it’s a definite must have. It’s similar to the one used above (it contains vitamin C Salicylic acid and lactic acid for cell renewal to aid a smooth and clear complexion for skin brightening), but it also has oat protein and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Pomegranate extract for its antioxidant properties, aloe vera and chamomile for skin calming and   essential oils of sage, lemon and lavender. It does sting a little when you apply it and it makes my skin go bright red. I think I stunned my housemates when I first used it – people were horrified – but it is so worth it.

Finally I used the face oil with a blend of baobab, evening primrose and watermelon oil. It also has vitamin A to aid cell renewal and essential oils of bergamot, sandalwood and rose. This is really lovely oil – it’s not heavy at all and is quickly absorbed. The morning after my skin looks so plump and fresh – it’s perfect for a busy day of castings.

I’ve put a link to Madhavi’s website above but here it is again. Seriously check her out, she is amazing and her products work wonders.

Have a great week!



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