Curaprox and Prevasore Product Review

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So last year I got in touch with a PR company and they agreed to send me a few products in return for a product review. So here it is.

Curaprox Black is White toothpaste

This toothpaste is for whitening teeth. However, gone is the old baking soda and in its place is charcoal, which gently removes stains and also makes the toothpaste black. Also there is a blue optical filter that reduces yellow discolouration. No idea how or why, but it bloody works.  Another key ingredient is hydroxyapatite – which basically fills any holes in the teeth. Snazzy.  I can’t say whether this worked for me as I don’t have any holes, but a quick google reveals that’curaprox  Product Reviews a big player in dental and bone health.

The packaging is all very sleek, chic and simple and the best bit is that it has a toothbrush included, which is extremely gentle on the gums, combined with the toothpaste my teeth felt really clean, and that lasted for hours. I was also impressed at how long it lasts, I’ve had it a month and its only half used.  It’s available in two flavours mint and citrus (the one I got) and Mint (extra mild) – it has quite a decent taste and doesn’t dry my mouth out.

Its priced at £19.95 and the fact that it lasts around two months and you get a toothbrush included as well I’d say this product is well worth what you pay. Plus my teeth look amazing. You can buy it here and in selected dentists.

Prevasore lip balm

The lip balms aim is help prevent and heal chapped lips and cold sores by creating a protective barrier. I can’t speak for the cold sore bit because I don’t get them, but it is very good for chapped or dry lips and leaves them feeling soft.Prevasore Product Review

It’s a liqourise smelling green gel that’s very easy to use and small enough to carry in your pocket. Its costs £6.95 and you can get it here. Would I buy it? Probably not because although it’s a good product I wasn’t majorly impressed – maybe I have high expectations. But if you suffer from chapped lips and cold sores give it a go.

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