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Being a fella and deciding to grow my hair has had its problems along the way. Luckily I’m too tall to get mistaken for a girl but I see the eyebrows raise and they see mine respond. The main problem, however, was the fact that I was absolutely clueless about long hair and extra effort needed to maintain it. So this is going to serve as a guide for fella’s thinking of or who are in the process of growing their hair and also for the ladies who want better hair. ‘What can a sweaty male tell me about my hair?!’ I hear the ladies screaming, well I know a few tips and tricks about hair care so it’s worth sticking around.

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I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into my hair and it helps me to stand out – which as a model is kind of useful, that being said it needs to be in top condition. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way, follow them and you’ll be swishing like a mother-fucker in no time.


Yup there’s awkward stages, you’ve made the commitment to grow it and it’s coming along nicely but you’re not quite sure of it yet, and some days you’re left thinking, what have I done? You get bombarded with questions like why are you growing your hair and when are you going to get it cut? The latter used to really piss me off, in the end I’d respond with fuck off. People stop asking you pretty quickly. Your hair grows in fits and phases which is unique to you. Here is some tips to stimulate its growth.

Castor oil is extremely stimulating (particularly for the immune sysytem) and promotes hair growth. It can cause headaches in some because of the highly stimulating effect it has on the lymphatic system – the place where toxins and waste can build up – drink plenty of fluids to flush this out of your body or dilute with another oil, amla oil is amazing for hair. The special thing about castor oil is it’s high ricinoleic acid content – an intensely nourishing fatty acid which is going to coat and condition your hair.

It’s very thick and quite hard to apply – I’d recommend gently heating it up, not too hot, and applying it directly to scalp with a dropper. Massaging the scalp is only going to help.  Leave on for as long as possible and wash out well. You might need to shampoo twice to get it all out. Apply as often as it pleases. It leaves your hair very thick and shiny.

A word of warning – I had a lot of growth from few applications and I noticed that the colour of my hair at the roots was little bit lighter than the rest of my hair. The only thing I can think of that it grew too quick for the melanin to adapt to the follicle, the problem has resolved but it is useful to bear this in mind. When buying castor oil buy organic, in brown, glass bottle – stops the sunlight altering the composition of the oil and plastic won’t be leached into the oil. Also buy hexane free – hexane is nasty process that some companies use to extract the oil.

Cinnamon – is also highly stimulating, I used to infuse water with it and spray it on my hair. But here’s a cheeky hack. Infuse your castor oil with cinnamon sticks. BOOM. Double the power, pop the sticks (preferably organic and non-radiated, why most spices are radiated fuck knows) into your castor oil and leave for a week. Away you go.


Try to wash your hair as little as possible, the colder the water the better, and with a pH friendly shampoo, shampooing the roots, conditioning the ends – all this is going to help keep the natural oils in your hair and stop them being stripped away. Derm Organic is a brand that I use and one I’d recommend.

Brushes – I bloody struggled buying the right brush, I bought a comb, a wide tooth comb, a paddle brush, didn’t matter because my hair still looked grim. The problem for me was that the ends of my hair look incredibly dry, limp and lifeless (sounds like a hair ad, Cheryl’s reading this over my shoulder giggling). This is because as your hair gets longer the natural oils (sebum) produced by your scalp don’t reach the tips, making them look tatty. Solution, buy a natural bristle brush that effectively drags the oil’s down to the tips, and evenly distributes the oils.


To use, detangle hair with a wide tooth comb and then use the natural bristle brush. Don’t brush when wet, because when hair is wet it’s prone to damage, so don’t towel dry either and keep heated appliances to a minimum. Pay attention to the nape of the neck as this is where the most oil is created – bet you didn’t know that.

Split ends and breakages – they occur due to many reasons from tying your hair too tightly, using elastic bands or the hair bobbles with the mental bits. Around Christmas I had my hair cut just to revive it, I vowed never again and haven’t been back since. I simply lost too much and it was soul destroying – my soul was literally destroyed. So what to do instead? Trim it yourself – cringe vid guys – sorry. Professional scissors is key here. I used your average pair of nail scissors and was right back to square one a few days later.

Oils – get into oils, it’s all about finding the right one that suits you, personally I like argan, a little goes a long way. Tip – use the pads of your fingers when applying, evenly distributes it, and only focus on the hair that’s past your ears, this is where it begins to get dry, and won’t weigh the hair down as it would if you applied at the roots.

I plan to buy an oil called squalene – take a look, very interesting. Basically this oil makes up part of our sebum, it’s got rave reviews when applied to skin –  particularly for acne suffers as it balances out oil production. But very few are talking about it for their hair. So my thinking is if it’s similar to sebum or part of it the hair will be able to absorb it easily and therefor keep it in better condition. Buy vegetable derived, as it can come from sharks livers (read above, I told you it was interesting).

P.S bought the squalene and it works incredibly well for hair – would recommend!

After completing a 2.1 in law and deciding a normal life was not for him, Michael worked in a soulless office for 9 months to raise funds to move to London. Once there he began to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a model. So far it seems to have paid off and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

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